Friday, December 2, 2011

Jack's New Trick

In just the past few days, Jack has learned and perfected a new trick that I had hopes he would never learn. I knew it was probably inevitable, but I had hoped I might have a little but more time before he learned to do this.  Like was so much simpler without this little maneuver.

Jack has learned how to arch his back.

Technically he's been arching his back since birth, but only when you picked him up when he was asleep.  He would tuck his legs under his bum, pucker up his lips, and stretch his torso, resulting in an arched back. It was adorable.  His sleepy back arch meant that he would be willing to curl up right there in your arms if you let him.  I loved it.

Back before his back-arching days, tantrums were much simpler.

This new back arching?  Not so much.

Jack hates going into his car seat.  I hate it too, but it's a necessary evil.  He has discovered that if he arches his back, it's really hard for Lewis or me to buckle him in and tighten the straps.

After the great success he has had in arching his back while going in his car seat (and by great success, I mean making everyone involved annoyed, including himself), Jack has decided to apply back arching to other situations.  Like when we buckle him into his bouncy chair.  Or on the changing table - that's a particular fun one because he involves his legs.  While we change him, he will arch his back and push off with his feet, launching his head into the barrier at the top of his changing table.  He doesn't have enough power to hurt himself, just enough to make him mad.  He will also usually catch his new diaper with his heel (we've learned to get the dirty diaper out of there as quickly as possible), removing it from where it needs to be.

For Lewis and me, his back arching is mostly just irritating.  It makes seemingly simple tasks take longer, sure, but other than that it's not the end of the world.  For Jack himself, though, it is far worse.  He bumps his head on the changing table, he makes the car seat straps cut into his skin... He's actually mildly hurting himself with this little habit.

So Jack, I ask you... Why?

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