Monday, November 19, 2012

Post-Op Lewis

Whew!  It's been a while!  Not having a way to charge your computer really cuts down on one's posting.  Plus I was bored with it.  But whatevs.  I decided that this story deserved to break out the old blog.

Lewis went to the hospital this morning to have an endoscopy and stomach biopsy.  He's had some pretty miserable heartburn (in various forms of pain) for the past several years, and he FINALLY went to the doctor to do something about it (do I sound like someone who has been trying to get him to go for a while?).

The procedure will hopefully be able to tell us what has been going on, which is good cause it was stinking expensive!  But all of our pennies are well-spent based on Lewis' behavior while he was coming out of anesthesia.  I will give you the same warning Lewis gave me: he gets pretty foul-mouthed during recovery.  I didn't entirely believe it when he said that, but sure enough...

Some highlights:

-Lewis was determined to count backwards from 100 by sevens as soon as he was awake.  I heard him trying all the way down the hall as they wheeled him back to the recovery room where I was waiting.  He kept skipping from 86 to 59 and would get really mad when I would correct him.  And then he would make the same mistake again.

-Just as he promised, Lewis got sweary.  He said one swear, and then asked one of the nurses if he said the f-word while he was in there.  She said, "No... just the s-h one."  Lewis laughed hysterically at this.

-Speaking of the f-word, after our recovery nurse, Kitch, left Lewis rolled his eyes and said, "Kitch doesn't know anything.  He's just a [effing] nurse."  I smacked his shoulder, aghast at his language.  He was shocked that I would do such a thing and even more surprised when I told him what he said.  Then he laughed raucously.

-Along with the swears, Lewis gets really complimentary.  I heard "you're pretty" at least a dozen times.  This is also true when he is really tired.

-At one point Lewis yelled that his leg was falling off the bed.  It hadn't moved.

-While he was recovering, Lewis got really cold.  I offered him my sweater, but he said, "No!  That's a GIRL sweater!"

-He put his foot in my face repeatedly while I was at his bedside.

-I remarked that his lips looked dry.  He licked them enthusiastically then leaned up to give me a slobbery kiss.  More raucous laughter ensued.

Lewis doesn't remember taking this picture.

-The counting backwards from sevens continued the entire time we were in the recovery room.  Jumping from 86 to 59 was a constant issue.

-When Kitch left for the last time, Lewis sang his praises and decided we should fill out a comment card for me.  He told me to write, "Kitch was SO good.  Even when I was under anesthesia, he treated me as an equal."

-Before we left, I used the restroom.  Lewis tried to call out to me in a pitiful voice while I was in there, but he was giggling too much.

-I told Lewis he could have anything he wanted to eat before we went home.  He chose to have a cheeseburger.  From the hospital restaurant.

-Lewis seemed to be doing better on the way home.  Mostly he was just laughing a lot and pointing out the obvious such as, "I farted." and, "That's a horse."

We will get the results of the procedure in 7-10 days.  For now, though, we will just cherish the memories of Lewis waking up.  I will, anyway.  Lewis can't remember anything.

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