Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Infant Eating Disorders

Today it came to our attention that Jack has a problem.  An eating problem.

I've been trying to give him more table foods.  Kid's almost one, after all.  Tonight we were having spaghetti.  Perfect food for an infant, right?

Little did I know, Jack has a lesser-known eating disorder: Spaghetti-induced bulimia.

He didn't seem to mind the flavor too much.  Something about the texture stumped him, though, and he just couldn't bring himself to swallow.  When he finally did, well... it didn't stick.  And it brought the rest of the day's meals with it.

It's partially my fault.  Jack has this weird little cough he does when he doesn't like something and I laughed at it, so he kept doing it.  Combine that with the gagging, and you've got a recipe for smelly, liquid disaster.

So instead we loaded him up with bananas, blueberries, animal crackers, and chocolate chip cookies.  Yep.  We are definitely sending the right message.

Jack got animal crackers at the store because his mommy is a sucker.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Upping My BPMs

It has recently become clear to me that Jack does not think I do enough to get my heart rate up throughout that day.

He fell off the couch a while back.  He didn't get hurt or anything, but the mishap helped him figure out the proper way to climb off the couch - feet first.  He hasn't had any problems since.  I've been letting him up onto the couch (he made it on his own once, but he usually runs out of patience) to play around without any worries.

Until today.  Twice - twice - Jack decided to dive headfirst off the couch.  He took great joy in this and thought it was hilarious.  He was giggling like a madman when I managed to catch him enough to slow his fall, thankfully, both times.

He also thinks it's a great game to hightail to the top of the stairs whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Thank goodness I am still faster than him.  But for how long?  How long?!
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