Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pop Rocks are an Outside Food

Fact: If you give your child Pop Rocks right before his bath/bedtime, he will love you forever.

Another fact: If you give your child Pop Rocks right before his bath/bedtime, and your husband is the one who bathes him and he maybe dumped most of the Pop Rocks over his head causing half to stick in his hair and the other half to coat the floor around his high chair, your husband will maybe not like you very much.

Sorry honey.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Evil Talking Tom

Having a toddler is an adventure everyday.  You never know how he is going to react to anything new.  Delight?  Wonder?  Pure terror?  It's an ever-changing mystery.

Many of you with children, grandchildren, or even just a penchant for time-wasting apps may be familiar with Talking Tom.  It's this cat who will repeat everything you say, except in a funny voice.  There are a whole variety of talking creatures out there (Roby the Robot, Gina the Giraffe, etc.), and Jack has been consistently amused and enthralled by each of the ones found on Lewis' iPad.

Except for Talking Tom.  Jack liked Tom for a while, mostly because he reacts funny when you tap on him; it's like you're beating him up and/or petting him all in one.  Tom and his app users seem to have a complicated relationship.  In any case, Jack was playing with Talking Tom yesterday when I said something with Jack's name in it (probably an innocent, "Hi Jack!"), and Tom, naturally, repeated it.

I haven't seen Jack cry like that since we watched his dad play hockey.

At first we weren't sure what set him off.  We just knew that he was upset, and that it took a great deal of effort to calm him down.  Could it be because Tom said his name?  Did that scare him somehow?

So we decided to find out.  As soon as Jack was consoled, Lewis whipped Tom back out and had him say something.  No reaction.  Then he had Tom say "Jack."  Weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Tom has since been deleted, and this experience has left me wondering what else will Jack decided is horrific?  Hopefully not his little sister.
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