Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

An off-limits box from Amazon!

Well it's that time of year again: The twelve days of Christmas!  I think I may be crazy for doing it again, but here we are.

One of my favorite things is opening packages.  Whenever I come home and see a box on my doorstep I get a little thrill of excitement.  I purposely bought some of Jack's Christmas presents online just so that I could open the packages when they arrived.

But then Lewis had to go and ruin it all by tacking all of my Christmas presents on to that order so that they were all eligible for free shipping.

And of course each of Jack's gifts was packaged with one of mine so I haven't been able to open any of them.

And of course since I work from the home, I've been the one to receive all of the packages.  All four of them that have arrived so far (with one more on the way).

In other news we had a mid-atlantic winter snow storm today (just like the first day of Christmas 2009) and I looked for the fifteen dollar ice cream gift card (from the first day 2010) because I'm not sure we ever spent it.  Connections!

Also to, are there really only twelve days until Christmas?  How did that happen?

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