Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Kid Could Beat Up Your Kid

My son is insanely talented.

Not only can he roll over in one direction at a mere three months of age, he is even close to mastering the other direction.  Plus he is already smart enough to identify that I am his mom and I am awesome.

Like I said, talented.

Above all that, however, Jack has some kind of sixth sense.  He can always tell when he is alone in a room.

This talent is particularly applicable at nap and bedtime.  We will go through our sleeping routine: Jack gets a story and a song while I rock him.  As he drifts off to sleep, I will place him down in his bassinet and then go about my business.  Sometimes my business keeps me in the room.  More often my business takes me elsewhere in the house.

When I stay in the room, all is well.  Jack sleeps peacefully.  When I leave, however - Jack's sixth sense kicks in and he wakes up and calls out frantically for his mommy-dear.  Usually within two minutes of me leaving.

I must say, this gift of his is severely detrimental to my ability to keep house.

Jack is asleep in this picture because someone is in the room with him taking the picture.
What's amazing to me is how deeply he falls asleep sometimes, but still manages to wake up when I leave.  Sometimes he will fall asleep on my arms when I'm singing to him, deep enough that I can move him all over the place - and not gently, I might add! - without him waking up.  I will even place him in his bassinet and watch him for several minutes to make sure he is really asleep.  Yet he still manages to wake up as soon as I decide it's safe to leave.

In other news, Lewis and I have been quite well-rested recently.  Going to bed at the same time as your three-month-old will do that to you.

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Nicole said...

I remember when Paxton started to roll over (also at 3 months). It was so exciting. Those milestones are just so fun. The waking up when you leave thing however, not so much. : ) Maybe a noise machine would help or something else that produces white noise? We're big fans of those around here.

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