Monday, December 19, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following news.

Jack is something of a... chomper.  He chomps.  I have been so grateful that he's a little gummy newborn with no sharp ivories poking out of his precious drooly mouth.

Due to this bitey pastime of his, I felt confident that karma would smile down on me and he would be a late bloomer in the masticatory department.  I was sure the average tooth growing age of six months wouldn't even be in the question.

Instead of smiling karma, I got Murphy.

Jack is not quite three-and-a-half months of age and he is on the cusp of cutting his first teeth.  You can even see them.  And feel them.  They're are coming.

Ah, well.  And I had such high hopes that his daily soaking of the front of his onesies was just because he... well I don't know what I hoped, just not this.

Jack chews on his hands cause he hasn't figured out how to get a teething ring into his mouth every time.  Also he doesn't have any teething rings.
I don't want to get bit.

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