Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gosh, iPad!

Remember how a mere two months ago, I was praising the iPad for being so very awesome?

Well that was before iOS5!

Don't get me wrong, it's still awesome and I still paid zero dollars for it, but... Let me explain.

Every time I turn on my iPad/go back to the home screen, I see this adorable face staring up at me:

Darling, right?  This picture could win contests, I tell you!  (Shut up, I know I'm biased.)

Since the iOS5 update, however, I have become increasingly irritated many of the times that I see those big baby blues.  Why, you ask?  Because since the update, Safari freaking crashes all the time!  And it's not just when I click on a site that may have a lot of funky add-ons or stuff like that.  It'll sometimes crash when I'm in the middle of reading a stinking news article.  Today it crashed TWICE during the same article!  I wasn't even touching anything!

Can you tell by my overuse of the exclamation point (!) that I am seriously annoyed?!


And the last feeling I want to feel when gazing upon the innocent face of my beloved offspring is annoyance.  It's harrowing, I say!  Harrowing!

Now I get it.  iOS5 was created around the iPad 2, and I just have a measly 1.  But I had to get the update if I wanted my apps to continue working.  Plus Apple is known for quality products that continue to have a high rate of functionality even when they are replaced by a newer generation.  And most of my iPad stuff works just fine.  But I use Safari a lot... And every time it crashes, I feel like kicking my iPad in the face.

At the end of the day, however, I could never be irritated by seeing that picture.  I mean, just look at those squishy cheeks!

But I would appreciate it if Safari could get its act together...  Just so you know, world.

And Apple, if you are reading this, you could make me feel better by giving me an iPad 2.  In the spirit of Christmas and good will and all that.  I'll write a good review of it, promise.

If that happens, one lucky blog reader may even inherit my current iPad.  Start campaigning now!

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