Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weird Thing and Awesome Thing

As a stay-at-home mom, I don't get out much.  I therefore have to amuse myself with the little things that happen during my day, which may come at the expense of others.  I find this to be a healthy exercise.  I have no doubt that my mind would degenerate rapidly if I was only amused by the goings on of my adorable two-month-old.  He's darling and does cute stuff, sure.  But still.  If I'm ever to make it back to the classroom, I need my mind to stay sharp.

This is my justification for laughing at the following two incidents: One weird and one awesome.

The Weird:

Jack and I were chilling on the couch downstairs when I heard someone open the gate to our backyard.  At first I thought it was Lewis (it was about time for him to get home) but why would he come in the back?  I heard whoever it was jiggle the doorknob and, finding it locked, knock rather aggressively on the door.  In the back of my mind I was still thinking it had to be Lewis because, really, who else could it be?  There is no one I know who would try to come to my house through the back door.  Luckily I had enough smarts to open the blinds before opening the door because it was most definitely a stranger.  As I opened the blinds I gave this young hoodlum (I just assumed he was a hoodlum because he entered my yard through its closed gate but I suppose he could be an upstanding young man.  It's fifty-fifty.) an odd look and said, "Um, can I help you?"  He, rather quickly, seemed to ascertain that I was not who he thought I was going to be, offered a look of surprised, and hurried his little behind off my property.

Since this incident I've considered two possible explanations for why this occurred.  Number 1: This young gentleman was a close enough friend of our house's former occupants that he could visit them from their back yard.  The reason he hasn't been back since they moved out is because he was off filling the world with do-goodery.

Number 2: He got the wrong house because they all look the same and there isn't a house number in the back.

The world will never know which it is.

The Awesome:

Lewis had a long week.  It was Halloween, Jack's been keeping us up later than usual, and he's coming down with a cold.  As such he's pretty exhausted by the time Friday rolls around.  It was a little after 9 PM last night when I was trying to get Jack to fall asleep.  Lewis was lying in bed while I rocked and sang to our little toot and managed to fall asleep before Jack did.  Unfortunately we had not yet said our family prayer, nor had Lewis taken out his contacts.  Knowing that he would regret the latter (and hopefully the former), I shook Lewis awake after I put Jack down in his bed.  It was Lewis' turn to say the prayer and he technically did, but the prayer consisted of asking for Jack to be blessed and thanking for our house.  After he finished, he climbed back into bed only to be annoyed by me again, telling him to go take out his contact lenses.  He grudgingly complied and that was that.

Until this morning.  While Jack and I were downstairs, I heard Lewis call me from upstairs and ask why his contacts were not in their case.  Instead of putting them inside, in his half-awake state, he somehow managed to place them on the side of his case where I'm sure they dried right out.

Between that and his prayer, I'm still giggling.

Maybe I'm too easily amused.

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