Thursday, November 17, 2011


Baby clothes are adorable, that's for sure.  Jack looks darling in anything we put him in.  But I have a bone to pick with the greater baby clothing industry:

Why all the pastels?

When did that become a thing?  Babies don't even like pastels.  You put two objects in front of a newborn, one pastel, the other a bright color, and they will fixate on the brighter colored object every time!

Also too, all of my favorites of Jack's clothes are of the non-pastel variety.  I think he looks even more adorable in non-pastels.  Don't get me wrong - he's cute in pastels too.  I just like normal colored clothing better.

My favorite of Jack's jammies.  If they still fit, I would still make him wear them, even though Halloween is over.  He looks good in black.
Part of that may have to do with my third and most important point about wondering why pastels are a thing.

The poop.

Babies poop and they poop a lot.  Diapers are not always able to hold poop in.  When diapers fail at this their most important function, do you know where the poop goes?

Well, everywhere, but since clothes are often the closest thing to the diapers, the poop usually starts there.

Now if your baby is wearing, say, dark gray and forest green, this is not a problem.  Treat the clothes and wash them of course, but you don't have to worry about a noticeable stain.

Poop is not a problem in this outfit.
But if it's something like baby blue and duckling yellow, well... Let's just hope you don't mind adding splotchy mustard yellow to that color pallet.

White?  Okay.  That's bleach-able.  But not even a good scrubbing and an overnight soak in Oxyclean will remove a most stubborn poop stain from those darling pastel pants.

Thank GOODNESS the poop came out of his blessing outfit.
 Oh well.  At least baby clothes are cheap.

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