Monday, September 19, 2011

The iPad = Perfect Tool for Nursing Mothers

I'm typing this blog with one hand.  I do a lot of things one-handed these days.  This is because I have a child whose favorite thing to do is to eat.  And since his food comes exclusively from me, I spend a lot of time with one arm curled under his little self holding him up.  So yes.  Lots of one-handedness.

A year and a half ago when we won our iPads, I was pretty excited.  I mean the iPad is a really cool thing. But now... oh goodness, what did women do while nursing before they existed?  Die of boredom?

See cause you only need one hand to work an iPad.  I can play games.  I can read books.  I can watch shows.  I can listen to music.  I can surf the internet.  All with just one hand.  Or sometimes even no hands!

But that's not all!  The iPad sits nicely on my lap.  It doesn't get hot or make weird sounds when it's trying to load something.  It doesn't have to be attached to any cords.  Plus it has a battery that will last for ten or more hours.

Yesterday I tried to read a paperback book while Jack was eating.  It sucked.  I had to hold the book there the whole time and any time my hair fell in my face or I had an itch I had to stop reading, put the book down carefully so I wouldn't lose my place, take care of whatever the problem was, pick the book back up, drop the book and lose my place, spend an annoying amount of time flipping through the book with one hand trying to relocate where I was, finally find my spot, read one sentence, and repeat the whole process because my hair was back in my place.  Reading was exhausting!  Who needs all that?

But with the iPad... Well, I like the iPad.  Makes the zillion hours a day Jack spends eating lots less boring.

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Paul Epperson said...

Jack's pretty cute! Anyway, have you ever tried to use a bookmark? I know you would still need to use a hand to hold up the paperback, but a bookmark could avoid most of the other problems.

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