Friday, September 16, 2011

My Hips Lied

I had a really easy pregnancy.  Morning sickness was tolerable (and in the evening, so it didn't effect my job), I only threw up a grand total of three times, and it was gone as soon as I entered the second trimester.  I didn't get any stretch marks.  I never retained much water, just maybe a little bit towards the end - at least my wedding ring seemed a little tight and my right ankle was a little less defined.  I gained weight, obviously, but it all seemed to stay in the womb area.  Yes, the lack of space in my super-short torso made it rather uncomfortable for the last few months (every time I went to the doctor in the last month they would remark on how low my baby was.  If that's the case then why did his bum never seem to leave my ribs?), but it was no big deal.

When we got down to it, I felt confident that I would recover from this adorable little parasite invading my body relatively unscathed.

Jack was born a week and a half ago.  In that time, my tummy has been steadily shrinking to the point where I thought I might be able to squeeze my newly little self into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.

And I was right!  My stomach did not get in the way at all!

My hips, on the other hand...

It would appear that my hips are now significantly wider than they were a few short months ago.  Like, the actual bones.

Now there is a little bit of fat stored on my hips.  But it's a muffin top's worth, really.  And I'm pretty sure it was there before Jack was, so... yeah.  Looks like I'll be in pajama bottoms, basketball shorts, and maternity pants until at least the next paycheck.

The funny thing is, I'm none too chuffed about it.  Sure I was a little irritated that not only do I have a little more junk in my trunk, but my trunk is now shaped differently..., but then I looked at this:

Worth it.

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Gaffer said...

He is a little doll. I have so much respect for you, your sister and your mother for all you have gone through serve as co-creators with our Heavenly Father in bringing beautiful little lives like this into mortality.

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