Friday, September 30, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

If you recall, I admitted several weeks ago that Extra-Strength Awesome is now a mommy blog.  Due to this new and exciting change, I feel like I should blog about the things mommies typically blog about in regards to their newborn child.  However, thanks to my insufferable need to be honest (just ask Lewis whenever he's telling an embellished story how insufferable it is), my account of Jack and his personality may be a little different than those on other mommy blogs.  But you may note that I will touch on the same topics.

Jack is adorable.  This is true of pretty much all babies, but is particularly true of mine.  The fact of the matter is that I made one dang cute kid, abundant baby zits and all.  (He just wanted to match his mommy and her hormone changing-induced acne.  Sooooo sweet!)

Exhibit A
Jack did not start sleeping through the night since day one as seems to be the case for an inordinate amount of mommy bloggers, nor has he slept through the night even once.  Now to be fair to the little monkey, he is probably capable of sleeping through the night.  But he was born to a hypersensitive, paranoid mother with not one but TWO degrees in mommyhood (Marriage, Family, and Human Development and Elementary Education) who unfortunately knows more than is useful about how kids grow.  The reason he has never slept through the night is because I won't let him go longer than four hours between meals and frequent is the night that I wake HIM up rather than the other way around.  DEAL WITH IT.

Jack does not nurse like a champ.  One of the reasons for this is because I don't even know what that is supposed to mean.  I do know that however he nurses, it's certainly not of championship calibre.  For starters, the little poop bucket flat out refused to eat a calorie until he was twelve hours old.  And then he only started breast feeding because our nurse at the hospital tricked him into it with a syringe full of formula.  To date he still won't eat without a nursing shield (use your imagination) and he seems to have a personal problem with my right side.  Srsly, when he's fussy, as he is every night before bed, he will not eat from that side no matter how hungry he is.  It's like that side did something to deeply and personally offend him.  Subsequently I produce weird and am lopsided.  Thanks, kid.  And I thought milk was milk.

Jack cries.  A lot.  Often to the point where I cry.  Especially if it's late at night/quite early in the morning.  I mean in general he's a pretty chill baby, but
he's still a baby.  And all babies cry.  A lot.  So whatevs.  It's cool.

We are a happy family!
And yet... No matter what he does, I'm just crazy about the little stink bug.  Which is strange cause if anyone else in the world put me through the stress this little one does, I would... Well, not like them very much.  But I just love Jack to pieces. I love him even when he's screaming/refusing to eat/not sleeping/pooping on me, anything.

Cause I'm his mommy, darn it.  And this is my blog.

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Laura said...

I couldn't agree with you more :)

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