Thursday, October 6, 2011

What the One Month?

Two months ago today I was over 36 weeks pregnant and more than ready to be done.  My month long journey of ridiculously frequent contractions was just beginning and I could not wait to meet my darling little parasite.  Time dragged on and after the longest month of my life I finally gave birth to my precious little Jack.

And now I'm confused.  There is supposed to be just about the same amount of space between August 6th and September 6th as their is between September 6th and October 6th.  Yet the former went by at a snail's pace while the latter seemed to have gone just shy of the speed of light.  How exactly can that be?

My baby, my little Jack "Fuss Bucket" Young, is already one month old.  Whoever it was that gave him permission to grow and change as quickly as he has needs to receive a firm talking-to.

Day 1

Month 1
To be fair, some changes are welcome.  For example, I haven't been peed on in quite some time, knock on wood.  Also, we now bathe him in a tub which he likes much more than the sponge baths of before.  We're still working on getting him to enjoy the goings-on of after the bath, namely lotioning and dressing.

See how happy he is in the bath?
 I guess I should just embrace it.  Time is going to keep going and he's going to keep getting bigger.  As long as he keeps cuddling with me, like he is doing RIGHT NOW, I might be okay with it (that being said, I can foresee problems when he gets to be a teenager), and I'll do my best to enjoy watching him grow and learn.  I will admit that I am enjoying the occasional smile that crosses his face and might be intentional.

Some have speculated that he is smiling in this picture.

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