Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stay-at-Home Mommydom: Day 1

Today marks my first official day as a stay-at-home mom.  But Alyssa, you say, you are not yet a mother!  Too true, my friends.  Too true.  However:

1. I will be.  Any day now.  (Seriously kid, feel free to come whenever.)

2. Today is the first day of school and IF I worked outside the home, my summer vacation would be over and I'd be back on the job.  But I don't anymore, so I'm home.  Staying home that is.  To be a mom.


In any case, I've got to say that this gig is pretty simple.  True, I did wake up early (to the tune of 5:30 - yuck), but that was because I am a good wife and made my dear spouse BOTH breakfast AND lunch.  In the future I plan for it to just be lunch (provided there is cooperation from the baby), but it's a special day for Mr. Young, what with it being the first day of school and all.  And my banana pancakes are pretty incredible, letmetellyouwhat.

It's a weird thing not having a job.  I got my first job the summer I was 14.  I was a park attendant at our local pool.  Sort of like a junior lifeguard, just not certified to save anyone.  Thank goodness no one drowned in front of me (don't worry, there were real lifeguards there too).  I'm 24 now.  I've been employed in one form or another for the greater part of the last ten years.  Ten years!  That's almost half my life.

It's also a weird thing not going to school.  Since they let me into kindergarten when I was four-almost-five I've been spending this time of year getting ready/starting school of some form for the last TWENTY years.  More, if you count Joy School.  And I'm a nerd so of course I always got excited about starting school.  Why it took me so long to figure out I wanted to be a teacher, the world will never know.

Boy-oh-boy, Jack, you'd better get here soon.  Being alone with my thoughts all day does not look like it's going to be a good thing.

Okay, let's get this train of thought back on track, shall we?  As you may have gleaned from the title and/or introductory paragraph, I have embarked on a new journey as a stay-at-home mom.  What does that mean for my blog?  Well... since my son is sure to be adorable... and I'll have more time on my hands for this sort of thing... And I'm of the opinion that I am funny, dang it... I'm sure I'll want to tell you all about it...

That's right.

Extra-Strength Awesome is about to become...

A mommy blog.


Don't worry.  I won't leave anything out.


Hannah said...

Yay!! I couldn't be more excited for you to have Mr. Jack (and to start blogging again)!! I was wondering if you had fallen off the edge of the world.

Mary said...

Lyssa returned to the blogosphere! And there was much rejoicing. Also, Joy School totally counts. Also, I worried for a sec that this blog post was your announcement to the world that Jack had come, and I was pissed. In conclusion, I'm delighted to read your slant of mommyness that'll probably be much funnier and honester that most mommyblogs.

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