Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sicky Chicky

Fact: I love my internship (most days, anyway). It does have its downsides, though. From my experience, elementary schools are hot spots for all kinds of bacteria. Since I work in close quarters with my students and many of them do not know how to cover their hands when they cough and also like to touch, oh, everything, no matter how much I wash my hands and disinfect my office, I will get sick. And I have. Several times this semester. Most of the sicknesses have not been too bad. I didn't, you know, die or anything.

Another bout of illness kicked in this weekend. Let me tell you what, I hate being sick so, so much. Usually I'll work through it as long as I can, cause I know if I just rest, there will be nothing to distract me from my misery. It's not like I'm trying to be a trooper, I just like distraction. I'm sure it sucks for those around me cause I'm undoubtedly very whiny, not to mention all my sniffs and moans. But today, I just couldn't do it. After I was finished at my internship (which included making an eight-year-old cry. Great day all around) I took note of how very miserable and non-functional I was and took a sick day.

Sick days are the one of the best things about being married. I don't have my mom around to take care of me... but I have Lewis! Not to be cheesy, but he's the best. He takes such good care of me when I'm sick. He made me dinner (mac and cheese) and he did the dishes. So great.

So today, instead of wallowing in misery, or suffering through work (while probably not actually getting much done), I took a day off. I took a nap, I read a book, and now we're enjoying season two of 24 (nobody's crying! Nobody, I say!).

So... that's all. I'm sick, but it's a little bit okay.

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Laura said...

Husbands are great like that, aren't they?

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