Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whiskey Tango Hotel, Wake Forest? Whiskey Tango Hotel?

Really, Wake Forest? You lost to Cleveland State? Really? Why, why, why did you lose? That game shouldn't have even been close! Oh wait. It wasn't! You got stepped on by Cleveland State!

I don't think you realize what this does to me. I had you in the Final freaking Four. The Final Four! Pretty much, because of you, it's time to say good-bye to my bracket. It's ruined. Like whoa.

I don't even care any more. You broke me. As far as I'm concerned, March Madness is over and there's just a whole lot of basketball on TV that of course I'm going to watch. You're dead to me.

And YOU, Utah! I wasn't going to say anything about the other teams that pooped on my bracket last night, but I just hate you so much that I feel justified. The one time I give you any credit, what do you do? You lose. By a lot. Really, Utah? Never again.

To Cleveland and Arizona States, well done. You may have ruined my chances at anything and everything, but I know how to appreciate a good upset. And you both pulled fantastic upsets. And now you play each other - 13 and 12 seeds, respectively. One of you is going to make it to the sweet 16. Well done, indeed.

And a hearty pat on the back to Wisconsin. I picked you over Florida State, in a 12-5 seed upset. Thank you for looking out for me, even if those jerks over in the Midwest region screwed it up.

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