Monday, April 2, 2012


I've always liked the idea of the mug cake.  I like cake, but it takes too long to just make a cake, and then what if I were to eat it all?  No good, no good at all.

Enter mug cake.  A single serving of cake, conveniently cooked in the microwave.  Craving to stomach in under five minutes.  Perfect!  Right?

Wrong.  Mug cakes are gross.  Go ahead and leave your comment about this or that great mug cake you've come across in your days of interneting or one-serving snacking, but it won't make any difference to my opinion of them.  I have tried countless mug cake recipes in the desire to find an ideal convenient sweetness satiator.  And I've come up with nil.  Cakes just weren't made to be baked in the microwave.

Last time I made a mug cake, I let Lewis (who understood from the start that mug cakes are not a good idea and has consistently declined my offer to make him one) take the gooey dregs to pour over his ice cream.  All we had was vanilla, see, and to have just plain old vanilla ice cream felt, well, a little vanilla.  Any topping was better than no topping at all.  As it turns out, it was pretty darn amazing.

For FHE tonight I mixed the batter for a mug cake and stuck it in the microwave for half the required time.  What exited my microwave was a gooey delicious mess of heaven.  It made the perfect topping.  I'm not normally one to boss people about, but you should try this.  Post haste.

Unless of course you don't like chocolate.  Or ice cream.  Or happiness.

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