Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Date Night Anxiety

Tonight we hit a new milestone.  Jack had a baby-sitter for the very first time.

And I was terrified.

Not for Jack.  I knew he would be fine.  No, I was terrified for my dear brother, who volunteered for the job.

Since we wouldn't be home until well after Jack's bedtime, the plan was to put him to sleep before we left, with the hope that he would just sleep peacefully the entire time we were gone.  This wasn't an unreasonable thought.  The starting time of our engagement required us to leave our home a mere thirty minutes prior to Jack's usual bedtime.  And he was a peach and got up thirty minutes early this morning - perfect!  Most nights he has no trouble at all going to bed and staying asleep for a good seven or eight hours initially.  We planned to be gone for only three.

And yet terrified I was.

You see, since Jack is such a precocious little lad, he has been in the throes of separation anxiety for many moons now.  This is especially bad at night.  We've tried to have Lewis go in his room to comfort him when Jack wakes up at night only to have the poor child trying to claw his way to the door from whence he knows I will come.

Sometimes a menace comes in a small package.

We're working on it.

I knew that if Jack did happen to wake up while we were gone, and I was not there, he would not even kind of be a happy camper.  I knew that if this were to occur, Daniel would get screamed at.

And it would be unpleasant.

While we were out, Lewis sent a text message asking Daniel if Jack was still asleep.  When he did not respond, we had our answer.

Sorry, Daniel.

But miracles do happen.  I fully expected to come home to a crying baby that needed me, his dear mommy, and who would be desperately happy to see me.  Instead I came home to a peacefully sleeping baby.  Because Daniel is awesome like that.

And I was only a teeny bit disappointed that I didn't get to cuddle Jack one last time tonight.

In other news, the reason we were out was to attend a cooking class at Taste Culinary Boutique.  We learned how to make delicious Spanish tapas.  Tune in tomorrow to read my review.

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