Thursday, April 12, 2012

Premature Wear and Tear

I have gray hairs.

I first noticed them cropping up when I was about 21.  Since then, they have steadily increased in number.    Lewis told me that they must be preemptive - they showed up early because I would have a kid that would cause so many my head would probably explode if they all showed up then.

After today, I think I believe him.

Jack is more than a little ambitious.  Now that he has mastered crawling, he is desperate to move on to bigger and better things.  I was hopeful that getting over his fear of crawling in the kitchen would take longer and he would be stuck on that one for a while.  He wasn't.

Now Jack's big thing is trying to pull himself to his feet.  He can do it, but he has really bad balance.  He moves so much and he's got what I lovingly refer to as infant ADHD so he falls over essentially all the time.  And bumps his head and stubs his little toes and scrapes his knee, etc., etc.

My point is, he spent most of the day crying because he kept hurting himself.  And it was exhausting.

He's a smartie, though.  He does stuff like the following just often enough that he has me completely wrapped around his little finger.

Jack woke up too early, but then snuggled with me until a reasonable hour.

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