Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smell Bad!

If you ever wondered what the Bog of Eternal Stench from the movie Labyrinth smells like, all you need to do is come visit us and take a whiff outside our front door.

Holy mother of snow peas, it STANKS.  I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that is causing the odor, but whoever the culprit is needs to get their ducks in a row and soon.  I'm just glad that it's spring break and Lewis and I have a lot planned away from our neighborhood.

The following is a list of things we have decided it smells like:

-A chubby baby's neck when it's had a bunch of gunkies stuck in it for several days.

-A teenager's armpit soaked in fermented melons after he ran a marathon in the jungle.

-The Febreze couch before they spray it.

-Someone who has sulfur gas and has been sprayed by a skunk.

-A school bus full of pre-pubescent boys who have not yet learned about deodorant after a field trip to the dump.

-An airplane what is full of naked people with no doors and no windows (thank you for that one, my dear nephew).

-An old gym sock forgotten in a locker with September's ham sandwich, discovered in March.

-Hockey skates filled with salmon eggs and poop.


1 comment:

The Muffin said...

Pahah! I'm definitely going to start using these to describe things that smell bad!
Love that movie, P.S. :)

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