Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Daily Workout

I know that I blog a lot about poop.  But that is because it consumes so much of my life.  So get ready for another one!

Jack has always liked to move.  I feel confident this is something I have mentioned before.  Until recently this was not a problem during diaper changes.  Times change.  Now that he can crawl, sit up on his own, and pull himself to his feet, it's... difficult.  His favorite thing to do the second I put him on his changing table is to roll over and scoot to the edge to peer over the side to the floor below.  Gone are the days that I could distract him by giving him a toy to chew on.  No longer can I con him into looking at me by making silly faces.  Now he twists and turns and tries to wiggle out of my grasp throughout the entire process.

This morning was the worst.

Jack was poopy and I was not very awake.  He's had a rash, so I had to put cream on it, adding an extra layer of challenge to the process.

I recently discovered that I could keep things under control by holding his ankles in the air, the entire time.  I've gotten very adept at doing everything else required for a diaper change one-handed.  So this is what I did when Jack began his hippin' and hoppin'.  But the little booger seemed to have grown in strength overnight.

Poop everywhere.  Diaper rash cream all over my hand, arm, and Jack's leg - pretty much everywhere but his bum.  At one point Jack was upside down, completely in the air.

Yep.  I have a lot of poop in my life.

This pretty much sums up Jack's life nowadays.

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