Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Make it Official

Today... I officially became a mother.

Just in time, too, what with Mothers' Day just around the corner.

But wait, Alyssa.  Isn't your child seven months old?  Haven't you been a mother all this time?

To that I say: sure.  But today it became official.

Today I was confronted with my greatest fear and I protected my child first.

Oh, are you now wondering what my greatest fear is?  Death?  Heights?  Public speaking?

No, no, and no.  My greatest fear, for the two of you who don't already know, is...


Yep, I'm a super lame-o who is peepants terrified of Canis lupus familiaris.  Nothing happened to me in my childhood to cause this.  I can't explain it.  It just always has been.

I recognize that as far as fears go, this one is pretty silly.  Sure some dogs are mean and/or vicious, but most, I'm told, are quite nice.

Don't care.  Still scared.

Go ahead, make fun.  I've heard it all.

This afternoon Jack and I were playing outside on our front lawn.  During a rousing rendition of "Pat-a-cake," our neighbor came out of her garage (our garages are not attached to our houses) with her two little humongous dogs, who immediately turned and began running in our direction.

My first instinct was to bolt inside and shut the door.  But it's not about me anymore.  It's about Jack.  Jack, who probably would have just been fine had these dogs sniffed him a bit before going inside.  But that's not the point.  The point is that dogs are scary.

But my mothering instincts kicked in and instead of saving myself, I grabbed my baby and held him and comforted him (he happened to be crying already) and pretended I was just fine as my neighbor apologized.  It's cool.  They're just dogs.


Then Jack tried to eat a rock and I saved him from that too by scooping it out of his mouth.

But really, who wouldn't save this face?

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