Thursday, April 19, 2012

Take a Trip to Taste

If you are looking for a fun, educational and, most importantly, delicious night out, may I recommend you head to Gardner Village to take a cooking class at Taste Culinary Boutique?

Lewis and I got to do just that for our first date since before Jack was born.  Right?  We're awesome.

We took a couple of cooking classes last year and really enjoyed them, so we were eager to take some more.  When I heard about Taste, I was especially excited to take classes there.  Taste specializes in international cooking, something I have been wanting to get better at making.  I've got a few good recipes from around the world, but they are all decidedly Americanized.  Learning to make more authentic dishes has been at the top of my to-do list.  Enter Taste.

Pan con Tomate - with bites already taken.
Last night's class was all about Spanish tapas, taught by Laila Hardman.  If you are like me and do not know what "tapas" are, they are appetizers from Spain.  Amazing appetizers, that is.

Chorizo - my favorite of the tapas.
Laila demonstrated how to make six different tapas.  The best thing about them was that they all used accessible ingredients.  It's a pretty great feeling to know that I don't have to go out of my way to make authentic Spanish food.  I've been to other cooking classes where the instructor has used ingredients that have to be special ordered from who-knows-where sketch town, but that's not how they roll at Taste.  I can get all the ingredients I need, for all six tapas, right her in lil' ol' Utah.

Patatas Bravas - Lewis' favorite.  He is making some as I type.
The format of the class was very easy-going and laid back.  Laila demonstrated each of the tapas while we took notes and - more importantly - ate the finished ones.  Oh my heavens, they were delicious.  

Tapas de Cangrejo
Throughout the lesson, Laila showed off several cool gadgets that they sell right there in-store.  Lewis and I kept a running list of all the stuff we just have to get now.  If anyone feels the need to buy me a present, come talk to me first.  I have some ideas (coughcoughMother's Daycoughcough).

Honey and Vinegar Drizzled Peppers
Taste offers a variety of classes, taught several nights a week.  If you find yourself in Utah or Salt Lake counties, you should definitely make your way to Taste and learn to better your mad kitchen skills.  And give me a call when you go - I want to come too.

Gazpacho - I forgot to take a picture until I had eaten half of it.  I was eager.  Sue me.

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