Friday, March 30, 2012

Wacko Jacko

Over the past week or so, Jack has become involved in all sorts of shenanigans.  I can't leave this child alone for a second without him getting into something or going somewhere he is not supposed to be.

Yesterday, for instance, I witnessed him express guilt for the first time ever.  I spend half my life chasing him away from the cords behind the TV.  My greatest desire is to get an enormous entertainment center that would house all of the various electronic equipment surrounding our television.  Plus a new DVD player cause ours broke.  In the meantime, I am making do with our Ikea coffee table and large barriers built up around the TV to keep Jack out.  He's a wily one, though, and has somehow figured out how to navigate around and through these barriers to get to the wires he so loves to chew.  I will find him back there after turning away for hardly any time at all.

So back to yesterday.  I needed to go upstairs to rotate the laundry.  Jack seemed to be deeply engrossed in slobbering over a particular toy so I decided not to bother him and left him there.  I was gone maybe two  minutes - maybe - and when I got back to the living room, guess where he was.  That's right - crawling right back to behind the TV.  As soon as I saw him, I said his name, he jumped, and backed out of there lickety-split.  He knew he got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to.  Little stinker.

Jack loves to play a game called Uzu on our iPads.  It's this program with multicolored particles that move differently depending on how many fingers you use to touch it.  Jack likes it because it responds directly to him.  As he was playing it the other day, I noticed him bend down so his face was on the screen.  Thinking he was licking it - he licks everything - I quickly pulled him away so I could wipe the saliva off the screen.  Except there wasn't any!  I let Jack go back to playing, but I watched him more closely this time.  When he bent his head down again, I discovered that he was using his nose to either watch the particles more closely, or to use his nose as another point of contact.  He's so clever.

Notice the mess behind him.
Jack tried grass and dirt for the first time today.  We were playing on a blanket outside and he shinnied himself over to the edge and grabbed himself a fistful before I could say boo.  Our lawn was just recently aerated, so there were plenty of Jack-sized clumps of dirt for him to grab on to.

Every night before bed, Lewis gives Jack a bath in his baby bathtub on the kitchen counter.  We usually remember to clear the area of dishes and open food containers in case Jack splashes/pees.  The bath came with this handy little net thing for Jack to lie down in while he is bathed.  Of course, now that Jack has finally decided to embrace the whole sitting up thing, to ask him to lie down in the bath would be a ridiculous proposition.  So Lewis lets him sit up and Jack reaches out of the bath and grabs anything that he can.  Yesterday this attitude of grabitude involved a small pile of seasoned rice, spilled during dinner.  Lewis thought he was just touching the countertop, so he did not stop him before he brought two fistfuls of rice into the tub to be bathed with him.

I could go on and on about the adventures Jack gets himself involved in... but then I wouldn't have anything to write about the next time the urge to blog strikes.

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