Friday, March 9, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Old

Yesterday I was driving around town behind this Jeep.  When we stopped at a stoplight I saw the driver (a man), turn to the passenger (a women), whip off his sunglasses, and start kissing her.

I chuckled a little to myself and reminisced about when I was unwed and my boyfriend and I at whatever time would engage in such activities.  We were so twitter-pated that we couldn't bear to not be kissing at any moment that kissing while stopped at a stoplight was a thing.

Lewis as my boyfriend was no exception.  Man oh man, we loved the kissing.  When I think about that time in my life it seems so... so...


How did we do it?  Don't get me wrong, I love me some kissing, especially when it comes to Lewis, but how on earth did we do it?  Lewis and I dated for nine months before we got married.  Nine months!  If you've ever been pregnant, you know that that is a long time.  And I know that we kissed lots throughout that time.  How did we kiss so frequently for such a long period of time?  Do people who date even longer than nine months kiss like that the whole time?  How do they not drop dead?

I hope it works out for that couple.  I really do.  And I hope that four years from now they will see a couple in a car in front of them kissing at a stop light and I hope they feel the same wave of nostalgia and exhaustion that I did yesterday.  Bless them.  Bless all the single college kids and teenagers who are so thrilled about their relationship status that stoplight kissing is simply a given.  Bless their precious little hearts.


liz said...

I love me some stop light kissing. I also love me some stop sign kissing, some straight part of the road kissing, and some "Woo hoo! we parked between the lines" kissing.

And we've been engaged a whole week.

Ms. Julie said...

I will happily stoplight kiss whenever I can. We've been dating for a year and a half, and engaged for nearly six months now. But then, I have a different perspective -- it took until my 40's to find this perfect man, and we have limited precious time together in between long stretches of being 800 miles apart. Check on me after we get married and are finally living in the same state. :)

Laura said...

Hahahahhaha Alyssa, this is why I miss you! I love your anecdotes. This one especially cracked me up because I've thought the SAME things!

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