Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Louis has been waiting patiently for nearly 5 years to get an iPhone of its very own. Last night his dreams came true and he got an iPhone 4S of his very own. Of course, I got one too. As soon as we discovered its voice dictation software, Louis challenged me to dictate an entire blog posts through that software. He also said that I shouldn't correct it afterwards, so we could see just how accurate it really is.

I was a little hesitant to do this. I like things to be correct: words to be spelled correctly, punctuation to be accurate, et cetera et cetera. This may be why I am a teacher.

But then I discovered that it spells Louis's name the more common way,
which is not the way that he spells it. This made me LOL, so I decided to take his challenge. I'm pretty impressed. It did a good job.

Except, of course, the spelling of Louises name. Love you, sweetie!

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Cass said...

That's awesome! I wondered why you were misspelling his name. :) I totally want an iPhone. Hopefully we can get them next year when our stupid T-Mobile contract is up. I am beyond done with them.

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