Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's a Metaphor!

Not everybody knows this, but Lewis and I really like each other.  I say not everyone know this because some people in our neighborhood might think we hate each other based on the way we tend to argue sometimes on our walk home from church.  These arguments tend to be loud.  And also fake.  I cannot stress enough how fake they are.  We have a lot of fun fake fighting, but it might be time to stop doing that in public.

My point is, we are each other's fan.  I'm over the moon for Lewis and I know he's just as crazy about me.  We probably have a little too much fun together, especially with the pranking and the tickling and the fake fighting, but it's a heck of a lot better than many alternatives.

Last night Lewis and I were talking (just talking, not arguing) about past relationships.  He told me about a time he and a former significant other were on vacation together.  As they were driving back home, his lady-friend was giving him the silent treatment, for reasons unknown to Lewis.  Come to find out, when they went shopping just before heading home, Lewis did not purchase for her an item than she really wanted but gave him the go around about how great was her desire for said item.  Or something like that.

Their relationship did not work out.

Fast forward to 2008 and Lewis and I are on our honeymoon (we went on a cruise to Mexico).  One day on the boat, as we were enjoying our lunch, I was not talking to Lewis.  Once he realized this he started to stress out thinking that this was turning out to be just like his former relationship.  He wracked his brain trying to figure out what he had possibly done to earn the silent treatment and what he could do to fix it.  A week into our marriage and we were already having such problems!

Meanwhile I was throughly enjoying my pizza, French fries, and fruit juice (we ate real healthy on this trip) in silence, even occasionally swiping some of Lewis' food because I could.

Determined to enjoy effective communication between us, Lewis started grilling me about what he could have possibly done to elicit such treatment.  Through the powers of pantomime and limited sign language (I know the whole alphabet!) I was finally able to communicate the issue at hand by getting him to say my name three times.

He had jinxed me.

And then promptly forgot about it.

I've never had so much fun being jinxed.

Last night we determined that this was a metaphor for how awesome our relationship is compared to those from the past.  Former lover gives him the silent treatment as punishment for not buying her something she didn't actually tell him she wanted him to buy.  Current lover gives him the silent treatment because those are the rules of jinx and they are unflinchingly rigid.

I love us.

In Ensenada, Mexico, where they sell the best churros I've ever had.

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Laura said...

That is a GREAT story that will be told for years to come;)

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