Thursday, March 15, 2012

CSI: Lehi

It's been well established that I am something of a paranoid mother.  So when I find some unexplained blood, my worriful imagination runs wild.

As I was feeding Jack before his afternoon nap, I noticed a little spot of blood on the washcloth I was using to keep him from making a mess.  Figuring it was just a stain from when I had to staunch the flow of blood from his finger due to a mom-inflicted wound a while back, I thought nothing of it and continued our nap time routine.

When he was in bed (and sleeping soundly, thankyouverymuch!), I went downstairs to get dinner ready to go in the Crock Pot.  The first step was to brown some ground turkey, so I stuck the turkey in a skillet and turned on the burner.  Figuring I had a few minutes for the pan to get hot, I nipped into the bathroom to, well, use it.

While in there I noticed another spot of blood, this time on my shirt.  So I lifted my shirt so I could examine Jack's eating area.  I discovered a streak of blood across my ribs and three sizable spots on my bra.  I did not, however, find a source for the blood on my person.  This could only mean one thing.

I hightailed it out of the bathroom, up the stairs, and into the nursery.  Luckily I had my wits about me enough to remember that Jack has gotten several nosebleeds recently, on account of him being sick.  He's recovered from the sickness, but his nose was still the first thing I checked.  The nasal examination was inconclusive.  If it bled at all, it had stopped and there were no telltale upper lip streaks to confirm.

Here's where we get to a dilemma.  The nasal examination was nonintrusive: I could do it without waking him up.  Jack has never been a good napper, and he's been an especially poor one this week.  Should I continue my investigation or just drop it until he woke up?

Um, I'm paranoid.  OF COURSE I was going to finish searching for the source of the blood.  So I picked up his arm as gently as I could, but of course it woke him up and now he is crying in bed because I left him there after finishing looking for the blood and only rocking him for a little bit.

Oh, and I didn't find any blood on him.

After leaving him in his crib, I began to walk down to my bathroom, intent to do a more thorough examination of myself to completely rule myself out as a source for the blood.  But as I walked past the stairs the pungent smell of burning ground turkey reached my nostrils.  I'm pretty sure I didn't actually touch any of the stairs as I sprinted down the kitchen, just in time to salvage the majority of the turkey from char.

Anything to make my day more interesting, I suppose...

UPDATE: the blood definitely belongs to Jack. I went to rescue him from the dungeon that is his crib and found it streaked all over his sheet. The part of him that his bleeding, however, is unclear. I failed to find a drop of blood anywhere on him, even after completely stripping him.

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