Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome Mom Award

If the past twelve hours have proved anything, it's this: I am one awesome mommy. Especially when it comes to sleep, blood, and poop.


Sleep training Jack went marvelously, thanks for asking. He is a master at going right to sleep, or at least pretending. The only times in the past week that he has had any trouble is when I have rushed him through his bedtime routine, and even then he will usually fall asleep within ten minutes.

Sleeping through the night, however, has been more challenging. For the longest time, Jack would only wake up to eat once at night which, to be quite honest, I kind of enjoyed because he semi-cuddles with me when he's eating. He's not a cuddler, so I take what I can get.

But the past little while he has decided that he needs to get up every one to two hours at night. Not fun, not fun at all.

Last night he might have done lots better. He only woke himself up once, and that wasn't until five! If it hadn't been for my dream, we would have had a dream night...

The only part I remember is me walking down the upstairs hall in our house to show a friend our bedroom. Except when I opened the door, I realized I had gone the wrong way and this was Jack's room. And he woke up as soon as I opened the door. And I was sleep walking, so that actually happened.


If you've ever met Jack, you know that he is something of a wiggler. Getting him to sit still is like getting a hamster to not chew on its cage bars. It's not going to happen.

Due to this delightful characteristic, it is both necessary and extremely difficult to trim his nails frequently. He has learned not to scratch himself, but he still gets Lewis and me all the time. I used to do it while he was asleep, but now that he always rolls himself onto his belly to sleep, that's not an option.

The other day I was trimming his nails while he ate. Jack tends to move slightly less during meals, but only if he is sleepy. While clipping one particular nail, I snagged a bit of his finger in the clippers, and it started to bleed. Jack didn't even notice, so I just dabbed at his finger with a rag while he ate and that was that.

Until today when I was nursing him before his morning nap. I noticed a bit of skin hanging off the finger. It looked like new skin had already grown in to cover the mom-inflicted wound, so I just pulled the little bit off, no harm done.

A few minutes later, though, I noticed some blood in his eyebrow, where he had rubbed it. Fabulous. His finger had started to bleed again. So I once again dabbed at it with a rag and it once again stopped.

Or so I thought! Later when he was napping I went to check on him. He had moved quite a bit before settling down to sleep. And I could see exactly where in his crib he had moved because there were little blood tracks all over his sheet.


I am sure that by saying this I will jinx it, but Jack has never pooped while not wearing a diaper. If poop has ever found its way onto his changing table it's been due to mommy error (or to him reaching down and dragging his hands through it, but that's another story).

Since he is in cloth diapers, I can't just wrap a mess up and throw it away. I have to knock or wipe the solid waste into the toilet, which usually isn't a big deal. Until today.

After undoing it and replacing it with a fresh one, I picked up his diaper to move it so he wouldn't stick his heels in it during all his flailings about (it's been known to happen). Just as I did that, the poop rolled and went Splat! all over the changing table.

So basically I'm a super mommy who doesn't let her baby sleep, makes him bleed, and creates bigger messes than he does. It's amazing he has survived to five months. Tune in in a week and half to see of he makes it to six.

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