Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventures in Deco-Orangizing

Before I begin, a word to my blog devotees: Blogging will be light for the foreseeable future.  The cord for our laptop broke, and the computer itself doesn't hold a charge well so it is virtually unusable except on nights that Lewis brings his school computer cord home.  As it is, I snuck on Lewis' work laptop to write this while he is at Mutual (sometimes I just need to write, don't judge).  In any case, a replacement cord is a bit pricey, so it may be awhile before we are up and running as normal.

And now, to the blog.

If you ever plan on going to Ikea on Presidents Day, here's a word of advice: don't.  Because everyone goes to Ikea on Presidents Day.  I get it.  Everyone has Presidents Day off, with the obvious exception of the people who actually work at Ikea, but since they work there, they are there too.

With all the fabulous kitchen gadgets and small appliances that we have been collecting we were in desperate need to redo how our kitchen was organized.  Stuff was put where there was a spot for it, rather than in any logical manner.  Drawers were overstuffed.  Select cupboards were not meeting their full potential.  My aprons were hanging from a lamp.  Something had to be done.  And it had to be done in an aesthetically pleasing manner, cause we pretty much live in the kitchen.

So off to Ikea we went, along with the rest of Utah and Salt Lake counties to get our share of Swedish home amenities.  Now I have to give Ikea credit.  They have worked their durndest to make themselves a family-friendly place to be.  They have the play place for kids; family restrooms with free diapers and wipes, plus a chair for nursing if you are like me and prefer to do so in private/have a kid who gets distracted and pulls off the nursing cover at the slightest pin drop; the restaurant is stocked with jars of baby food and bottle warmers if you are trapped there long enough to require a meal.  They have done a very good job at providing excellent amenities for those who are surrounded by younglings.

However, it's also Ikea so it's kind of a requirement for the showroom to be a winding labyrinth of practical space savers, inexpensive furniture, and tacky lighting elements.  And of course Jack had to leak out of his diaper in the corner of the showroom exactly opposite the blessed family restroom.


I'm actually pretty impressed with the people of Utah and Salt Lake counties.  We must have been giving off that "diaper emergency" vibe, cause they parted like the Red Sea as we swam against the current back to the start of the showroom to that wonderful, wonderful family restroom.

We cleaned Jack up and put him in a fresh outfit, and went back out to the chaos that is Ikea on Presidents Day.  And we actually got some pretty cool stuff.  It's still a work in progress, but our kitchen is looking pretty sweet.

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