Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All Growed Up

(I am typing this post while my almost five-month-old is in my lap alternating between watching/helping me type and trying to latch on to my nose.  In other words, I'm awesome.)

My big project for the day was to de-clutter the top of our desk.  But because I am just that cool, that project has evolved into me cleaning out the inside of the desk, as well as our coffee table which was used to house important files and documents before we got the desk.  As I was sorting our various bits of paperwork into piles (keep, throw away, and shred) it hit me.

I'm an adult.

In every sense of the word.

Legally I've been an adult for over seven years.  Physically I've probably only been an adult for about five (that's when people started guessing that my sister was younger than me.  She's four years older).

Emotionally I've been an adult for maybe two years.  And I've no doubt that I've regressed here and there - one step back for every two steps forward, amiright?

But as I was sorting through the mountains of paperwork in my house (whatever happened to a digital world?) I realized that I am now economically an adult too.

I have a mortgage.  And a car payment.  And student loan payments.  And utilities - I have to pay for ALL of them.  And a kid who provided a nice little tax break.

I have users manuals that I actually have to keep because I wouldn't know how to operate certain appliances without them.  I have a receipt for our couch that I have to hang on to for SEVEN YEARS because that is how long RC Willey will insure it for stain protection.

Today I created a file to hold all of our retirement documents.  I don't even have a job to retire from, but I still have this folder!

I also made a folder for essential documents like social security cards and birth certificates.  Plus one to hold all of Jack's medical paperwork.  That file is surprisingly full considering he's a very healthy five-month-old.

Another folder holds various documents for FOUR cars.  And I only own two!

Don't even get me started on our income tax binder.

All this adult nonsense makes me want to do something irresponsible.  But I can't.  Cause I've also been an adult parentally for nearly five months.  Gosh!

My point is, if you are ever wondering what it is that makes you as adultish as it is possible to be, it's when you have a filing drawer filled to the brim with all the papers that you just can't throw away.  And it's a drawer that will soon turn into an entire cabinet and beyond.

Or maybe not.  I'm still pretty immature.


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