Saturday, February 11, 2012


When I was in fourth grade, I attended a small, private school in London.  And when I say small, I mean small.  There were two kindergarten classes, one first grade class, one class for second and third grade, and one for fourth and fifth.  Each of the classes was probably under twenty students.

Anyway, this school had a lot of money.  Which meant that we got to go on numerous super awesome field trips.  On these field trips, my teacher, Mrs. Whitlock, would always remind us to keep our arms and other such appendages inside the bus at all times.

I have a vivid memory of her explanation for why this was so essential.  She told a story of a time that she was traveling in a vehicle behind a school bus.  One little boy was hanging his arm out his window.  As the bus rounded a corner, his arm got stuck between the wall of a building and the bus and was ripped clean off.

Gruesome, right?

It wasn't until today that I realized that this story probably was not true.

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