Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Kind of Marriage

Remember that scene in Father of the Bride where the bride calls off the wedding because her fiance gave her a blender as a gift?  And how that is a common no-no in a variety of sitcoms and Shine articles on Yahoo?  And possibly in real life for some people?

Lewis and I are nothing like that.

We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday.  Sure, I love me some chocolates and flowers are always a welcome thing to get for me.  But Lewis got me a couple of much more personal gifts; two items that I have been wanting and he showed his undying adoration of me by getting them.

He got me a kettle and a tortilla steamer.

Ooh baby, yeah.

I on the other hand was a lot more stereotypical with one of my gifts.  I got him some chocolate turtles.  But that is mostly because I have gotten him chocolate turtles for every Valentine's Day we have spent together.

His real gift was a new kitchen scale.  Something he almost bought for me.

Mmm hmm.

I'm having a difficult time coming up with a holiday since we have been married where I have not gotten something new for my kitchen.  Lewis has hooked me up with a waffle iron, a mixer, two rolling pins (marble and French), a pastry blender, a pastry knife, a bundt pan, and springform pans, among other things.  He has recently rekindled his own love of baking and cooking so gift-giving holidays will be including more kitchen accoutrements for him too.

Next up on our list of things to buy include a tortilla press (available only online as far as we can find, or else I would have gotten that for Valentine's Day), new whisks and spatulas (Mothers and Fathers Days?).  I also want a proper set of sauce and frying pans.

We may not have much, but we have a pretty darn awesome kitchen.

Someday our kitchen will look as awesome as the food that comes out of it tastes.

Now if we could just avoid getting fat off of all this deliciousness...

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Nicole said...

Nice pots and pans are definitely a nice staple if you like to cook! : ) New kitchen stuff is always fun. We would agree.

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