Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When the Stars Align

I was very blessed to get a baby that does not spit up very often.  For the first five months of his life he only spit up, at best, occasionally.  Very rarely did he spit up on us.

The past couple of weeks, however, he has spit up quite a bit more than usual.  My suspicion is that it's because he is teething.  It hasn't been a big deal, we've just been careful to have lots of washcloths handy to clean up any messes.  Plus he usually gives a warning before he does it.

But not today.

I was lying on the couch when it happened.  I held Jack horizontal and flew him over my head when - SPLAT!  Spit up, spit up everywhere.

It was all over his pants and onesie.  It was all over the front of my shirt and cardigan sleeve.  But most disgustingly, it was all over my face.

Thank goodness my mouth was closed.

After recovering from the shock, I held Jack at arms length and raced to the kitchen to assess the damage.  Jack sat in his Bumbo while I wiped down my face and dabbed at our clothes.  But the smell and stickiness on my face lingered.  A shower was in order.

Since Jack got the grossness on his clothes, and I didn't want transfer any from me to his new clothes, he got to hang out in just his diaper while I showered.

When I was all clean and spit up free, I pulled back the shower curtain to discover a tiny detail I had failed to observe in my haste - it's Wednesday.

I wash our towels on Wednesday.

And they were still in the dryer.

Jack spits up rarely.  I wash the towels once a week.  The fates had it out for me on this one.

So I dripped my way through the bathroom, into our bedroom, out to the hall, and into the laundry room only to discover that the towels were still damp.  So as I continued to drip, I went back out to the hall and into Jack's bathroom to get a fresh towel out of the linen closet.  Finally able to dry myself, I made my way back to my bathroom to get Jack who may or may not have been a bit chilled in his clothe-less state.  I dressed each of us in fresh clothes, and all was well.

He tends to be proud of his shenanigans.

In other news, Jack went straight to sleep when I put him in bed tonight.  Word.

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