Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's All in the Foot

As a stay-at-home mom, I have very little reason to wear high heels anywhere except to church.  This suits me just fine as I am not much of a high heel wearer as is.  Yesterday, a Saturday, we went to a funeral, so I slipped my lil piddies (as I refer to them when speaking to Jack) into a pair of black peep toe sling backs.  Of all my high heeled shoes (all two pairs of 'em!), these were my favorites - until yesterday that is.

The shoes in question.
After the funeral Lewis, Jack, and I went over to my cousin's house to help her and her husband with their taxes.  Lewis and I each brought a change of clothes so we didn't have to be in our Sunday best all day.  Said change of clothes included a different pair of shoes for me.

As we were preparing to leave I picked up my high heels and was sort of fiddling with them while finishing up a conversation with my cousins.  Whilst this was occurring I happened to glance down at my shoes and something caught my eye.

My shoes were two different sizes.

One was size 9, the other 8 1/2.

Yes, the brand of these shoes are "Mootsies Tooties."  I'm obviously one for shelling out the big bucks for shoes.  I guess I had the size issue coming.
How did I not notice this before?  How did I leave the store when I bought them, nearly two years ago, with shoes that were two different sizes?  Why did the store let me?

Now you might say, "What's the big deal?  You obviously didn't notice before, so why does it matter now?"  And it's true.  I didn't notice.  And at a half-size difference, I doubt anyone else will notice either.

Except this kind of thing really bugs me.  I don't want to call it OCD, but it's pretty darn close.  The mere existence of these shoes in my house is driving me batty.

It also doesn't help that Lewis so kindly mentioned that he always thought I walked funny in those shoes.  Doesn't matter that he was joking.  His words are under my skin (his intention, of course).

Wanna guess which store the shoes came from?  Kohl's.  And my faithful readers will remember that Kohl's and I are not friends anymore.  This incident is not pointing me towards any sort of reconciliation.

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