Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springing Forward

I love Daylight Savings time.  I know that many of you upon reading that will go, "Blech!  Daylight Savings is the worst!"  But I still love it.

I know that the length of the day remains the same in Daylight Savings.  But that one hour shift makes all the difference.

I love the sun.  So very much.  A night owl I am not - which is interesting when you consider that I suffered from insomnia for several years.  I like to get up early in the morning and I like to play all day and bask in the wonderful, wonderful sun.

And in Daylight Savings, the sun is still up later in the day and night than it otherwise would be.  With Daylight Savings, I am not wasting as much precious sun time by sleeping in a bit or taking my time to get up and at 'em.

And then there is camping.  We Youngs love to camp.  In the summer - ideal camping conditions - sunrise is around the six o'clock hour.  Without Daylight Savings, that sucker is rising around five.  I don't know how many of you camp, but when you do it is really hard to do two things.  1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.  2. Stay asleep after the sun gets up.  Lack of sleep leads to sluggish minds.  And you really want your wits about you when you're camping.  There could be bears about.

Daylight Savings can save you from bears.

When I was a kid my siblings and I were sometimes allowed to stay outside and play until sunset.  Without Daylight Savings, we would have been inside a lot sooner.  A whole hour sooner even!  Without Daylight Savings, we probably would have rebelled and ignored our mother's directive to get our hides inside at sunset because we felt it was just too soon.  This inevitably would have led us down the wayward path of miscreant behavior and eventually drugs.

Yep.  Daylight Savings can save you from drugs.

My parents live in Uruguay, one of approximately 70 countries that celebrates Daylight Savings.  Except they are also in the Souther Hemisphere, so they fell back last night instead of springing forward.  That means that they went from being five hours ahead of me to just three.  This means they have better opportunities to bond with their grandson over the Skype.  Daylight Savings, you've done it again!

Daylight Savings brings people closer together.

Daylight Savings can also potentially provide a set of twins with a freaking awesome story.  Say the mom went into labor on the night that Daylight Savings ends.  And she gave birth to Twin A at, say, 2:55 AM.  But then we repeat the two o'clock hour and Twin B is born at 2:15 AM.  Twin A is technically older, but on paper it looks like Twin B is older!  Wouldn't that be an amazing story to tell?!

Daylight Savings creates magic.

My point is this: Daylight Savings is just best.  Think about the dark, drug-filled, magic-free lives we would all live without it.  No wait, you can't.  You've already been eaten by a bear.

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