Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cascading Tissues

I've had a touch of a head cold over the past few days.  It's nothing serious, so don't worry your little selves for my sake.  Mostly it has just required me to keep a box of tissues close at hand to keep my poor chapped nose clean.

The past couple of days have been blessed with positively lovely weather.  Nothing was going to keep me indoors on a day like today, so the three of us have taken several walks outside to visit with the neighbors and to play on the nearby swings.  Since the weather is so supreme, Lewis and I both decided to wear summery clothes.  I was delighted this morning to discover that a pair of pre-pregnancy capris fit my legs and derrière like a glove.  No frumptastic clothes for me this summer, no siree!  Well, some of my clothes won't be frumptastic anyway.

Unfortunately, these confidence-boosting capris do not contain readily accessible pockets for storing the requisite tissues for my nasal maintenance.  The only pockets adorning these pants were buttoned shut and it was mighty inconvenient to unbutton them just for a tissue that I would probably need a split-second after I put it in my pocket anyway.  So every time I left the house today (and a few times in between), I would tuck whatever tissue I had with me in the waistband of my pants.

And then I would promptly forget about it.  Each and every time.

Until a few minutes ago when I went to the restroom.  And had to retrieve about a half-dozen snotty tissues from my bathroom floor after they cascaded from my pants.

I should really work on the whole remembering thing.

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