Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Freaky Deaky Vampire Man. You Suck.

There are some words/phrases/awesomeness that I consider my own. Not ones that I've copyrighted or anything, or even ones that I've made up. Just ones that I use. These are words/phrases/awesomeness that I use often enough that I take pride when someone close to me uses.

For example, snap. I say that all the time. The other day, Lewis said that. It brought joy unto my soul and warmed my heart. He also called me the bomb-diggity yesterday. That's a favorite.

Now, I certainly don't claim any sort of exclusive rights to these words/phrases/awesomeness. Like I said, it gladdened me when Lewis used them. And I would be 100% okay with any of you, my dear blog readers, if you were to use "for shiz, yo." In fact, I encourage it. For shiz!

But sometimes, a certain, ahem, stigma, can be attached to a word/phrase/awesomeness. Lets look at snap one more time. I started using snap in the eighth grade, although I limited my use because I didn't want to appear to be too much of a cracker. But, oh, how I love that word. And then - then! - that stupid, stupid Disney Channel Original Series came out - That's So Raven. Raven said snap all the freaking time! I was highly disappointed. I wanted to keep snap. I didn't want to give it up. But That's So Raven? Really?

I tried switching to snapple for a while, but it just didn't have the same ring. I was inches away from dropping snap when I decided that I just didn't care. It was a Disney Channel Original Series after all. Nobody watches that.

And as we all know, snap has come to mean so much more for me. Sunday Nap, anyone?

But yesterday - oh, but yesterday - Lewis told me about something that went down at the Home Depot, aka his place of employ. Someone said, over the intercom or the radio or something, "In the immortal words of Edward Cullem(n?), chillax."

Whiskey. Tango. Hotel?

The undead Cedric Diggory uses my word?!

Now, I'm okay with all a'y'all reading Twilight. Whatevs. Go ahead. It's just not my cup of tea. It's like chick flicks. I just can't do 'em. And, of course, I can't have people thinking I've done 'em by using the word chillax. If it's a big enough part for someone at the Home Depot ("where men go to be men and women go to feel cool") to make the reference, it must be a fairly integral part of the books. (I can't see how, but no doubt...)

I do recognize that chillax has been around for a while. The combination of chill and relax is just natural. But I can't do it. I just can't do it. Not if my reputation is at stake. I am not a Twilight fan girl.

But it's cool if you are.


elsalgal said...

Poor you. No worries, though. I use the word, I've read the books, and I don't recall the use of 'chillax." Although lately, for some reason I've used it more, and I don't know why. Could it be because I've seen Twilight recently and only unconsciously noticed the use of the word?

willus said...

Willus's take on Twilight:

Twilight is to Literature as Soccer is to Sports.

Doesn't matter how many people like them... I will forever believe that both are stupid.

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