Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Good Deed...

We all know the saying: no good deed goes unpunished. The common interpretation is, even if you do something nice, you'll get crap. Like if you bring cookies to the teacher to be a sweetie and all of your classmates make fun of you for being a suck up (note to all of my future students: who cares what your classmates think? I will love you forever for bringing me cookies).

But how's this for another interpretation: Someone does what appears to be a good deed, and the person they are doing the so-called good deed for ends up punished.

Let me offer a couple examples to illustrate my point.

1. Say you get a bottle of root beer from the fridge. And say you need to open said bottle, but your personal strength and tolerance for poky metal does not extend to this task. So you ask your main man, the husband, for assistance. He does so gladly - nay, enthusiastically! And cheerfully hands the bottle to you. And then watches you closely as you put the bottle to your lips. And laughs as you spew cause it was actually a bottle of non-alcoholic beer.

2. Say it's time to take a shower. And say you're really tired, and your personal strength and tolerance for walking all the way down the hall does not want to extend to this task. So you jokingly ask your main man, the husband, to carry you to the shower. And even as you protest saying, "jk!," he carries you anyway, fully clothed, and places you in the shower. And turns on the water. And reaches for the switch to make the water come out of the shower head.

But by now you're hip to the hop and you manage to shut off the water before it soaks your clothes. Luckily you weren't wearing socks and just your feet got wet.

My point is... what is my point? Lewis is going to pay for all this? Yeah. That's it.


Laura said...

Agreed. Let me know if you need any assistance in pulling off a master revenge plan.

willus said...
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willus said...

Yeah, and I'm sure each of my pranks were completely unprovoked.


In addition to that: Bring it.

I've obviously already shown that I am capable of a nice balance of creativity, improvisation, and cruelty. You may be creative, and an ability to improv, but cruel, you are not.

Why don't we combine our forces against evil, and our niece?

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