Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lew, Lu, Luck

On Saturday night, Lewis made a promise that he would be nice to me for the rest of the weekend. If he broke that promise, he would have to be punished. The punishment would be that he has to make me dinner for seven nights.

On Sunday morning, he broke that promise by throwing a pillow at me.

Last night we had linguine with chicken and broccoli and Alfredo sauce. Today the leftovers are my lunch.

You should be jealous of how lucky I am.


Cass said...

I think I might be more jealous if I trusted Ben's cooking. On the other hand, I'm more likely to be mean to him than the other way around. So it's probably best that we don't do these kinds of things. :)

Laura said...

Mmmm next time you should include that he has to make dinner for the Birds as well:)

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