Sunday, February 17, 2013

Success in Life

Four years ago I wrote this blog post, which mentioned three things that I decided would determine my financial success in life.  Yesterday Lewis and his dad spent the day painting our ceilings white.  This morning Lewis turned to me and happily announced that we were one-third of the way there to that success, since we now had three-tone paint in our house (in half of the house, anyway) (the bottom half).

That got me thinking about that blog post and wondering how close we were to actually achieving the dreams laid out in it.  Thank goodness for the internet; it took me approximately .2 seconds to find out.

The answer is this: we are surprisingly close!  And as I reflected on those things selected for the post, I may have revised them a little bit in my mind, which got us even closer.

Before I go into detail, I need to mention this: three-tone paint is not on the list.  I know I talked lots in the past about wanting the ability to put some color, any color, on our walls (our first apartment was completely white), but it was never on the LIST from the aforementioned blog post.

Here is what was actually on the list:

1. In-house washer and dryer
Check!  We actually had that at our last apartment, which was wonderful, but the ones in our current home are even cooler.  The washer is high-efficiency which is just tremendous because I do laundry all the freaking time.  But on top of that we OWN our washer and dryer so when we leave this house they get to come with us.  Boo-yah.

2. The History Channel
We do not have the History Channel.  And I'm okay with it.  The History Channel has changed.  Gone are the documentaries with the narrators with the boring voices that I loved.  I miss them terribly.  Instead the History Channel shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers and Swamp People which can be fascinating in their own way, but they're not typically my cup of tea.  So... meh.  I think I'm okay without the History Channel.  Actually, we do have the History Channel app on our iPads, so we can still technically watch its shows easily if we really want to.  But I don't really want to.

3. More than two counters in my kitchen
Check!  Our kitchen is not huge, but it is significantly larger that the one we had at Wymount.  It can handle my bread maker, my stand mixer, my blender, and my toaster all out on the counter full-time, plus whatever other appliance (griddle, waffle iron, crock pot) I am inevitably using, PLUS still leave me room to prepare food.  It also has a dishwasher.  His name is Lewis.  No, I kid, but we do have an actual dishwasher.  It's not the kitchen of my dreams, but it is certainly a giant step up from the past.

Not bad, eh?  We have two of the three things on the list, and kind of the third, plus we don't want it that badly anymore, anyway.  AND we have three-tone paint.

Sometimes I like being a real adult.

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