Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Double Lux

It is highly unlikely that I will ever be famous. I know that, you know that, we all now that. It is equally unlikely that I will ever be particularly wealthy. And I'm perfectly okay with that. My fulfillment will come from my family and our relationships and yadda yadda yadda. However, there are a few items that could be considered -ahem- material that I've pretty much decided I can't live without. When I have these items, these luxuries if you will, I'll know I am a financial success.

1. A washer and dryer of my very own, that reside in the same house as me
I hate laundromats. Oh, so much. Especially when it's cold and snowy and you have more than one basket to take over and the only time you have to do the laundry is when your husband is at work so he can't help you. And sometimes - especially when it's cold and snowy - people don't come back to get their clothes right after they're done so they sit in the dryer until they're stone cold and someone named me has to take them out of the dryer and dump them somewhere so she can use a freaking dryer cause they're all full! Not to mention the fact that the Police Beat recently featured a bit about a family whose clothes all got stolen from the laundromat I currently patronize. Not only does that make me afraid that my clothes will get stolen too, but it makes me feel slightly guilty cause what if the perps took the clothes I dumped out of a dryer so I could use it? And then I remember how very cold those clothes were and the only way they could get that cold is if they had been sitting in the dryer for at least an hour after it turned off so maybe those people deserved what they got. And then I feel guilty again.

My point is, I can't wait until I can just walk down the hall with a basket of clothes and turn the machines on and off at my leisure and not have to worry about my clothes getting stolen. Cause, seriously. If you manage to break into someone's house, are you really going to go for the clothes in the washing machine? More than likely, you'll probably snag whatever's in sight that looks valuable like our laptops or Wii.

I'm also looking forward to the time when I can put a stinky washcloth straight into the washer. Having a smelly washcloth that you can't do anything about cause laundry day's not til Saturday is the worst. It totally kills my mojo.

2. The History Channel
I swear - I swear! - that when I lived in the freshman dorms way back when, we had the History Channel. I swear it! And now I'm back to living on campus, with the same cable as back then, and the History Channel is no where it be found. I love this channel. History is one of my favorite topics, but I never did any good in the classes, so I haven't taken very many while I've been at school. The History Channel is the perfect compromise! I can learn to my heart's content about the most random things and then I'm able to spout off boring trivia like a party trick. And there's no exam! And it's presented in a much more appealing way on the History Channel than in any of my classes. AND, if I get bored with it, I can just change the channel or turn it off, or walk out of the room. It didn't go over so well when I tried that in History 201.

So, when we have the money to a afford a cable package that includes the History Channel, I know we will be a financial success. I cannot wait for this. I need my History's Mysteries. At least I have the Discovery Channel. If BYU cut both of those out of their cable, I'd be out of Wymount in a flash. Or in 60 days, as per the contract release agreement.

3. More than two counters in my kitchen
I know, right?! That's all we have. One of them used to be exclusively for the dish drain (no dishwasher either), but we moved that to sit inside the sink (made a world of difference). The other counter usually has all the dirty dishes stacked on it - which, true, does give us the motivation to keep them clean, so we can use that space. For the most part, however, we tend to do our food preparation on the kitchen table - which means it's always covered with junk too. My dream is to have an island in my kitchen for counter space, and also which has a range right on it. Then maybe I could also have two ovens, one on top of the other. And a place to put a microwave. But I digress. At this point, I'd be plenty satisfied with just a third counter.

So that's what's up, G. I imagine that this post might get an encore as I think of more stuff I can't live without. In the meantime, does anyone want to let me come over to watch Modern Marvels?

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Cass said...

You're awesome, Lu. You're the hippest ducky in the flock.

And I totally hear you about the laundry machines. They were the bane of my existence when I was in student housing. Having a washer and dryer is the best thing ever.

Counter space freaking rocks, too. I will rejoice with you when, one day, you have the aforementioned luxuries.

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