Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's the Whopper Sacrifice!

My brother brought this article to my attention. Apparently there's a new facebook application where if you "sacrifice" (delete) ten of your friends, Burger King will give you a coupon for a free Whopper. And that immediately piqued my interest because I delete friends all the time! I have no problem doing that! In fact, you might say that I enjoy deleting friends! One time, Lewis and I even had something of a competition to see who could delete the most friends! It's really quite cathartic.

I do hope that this has gotten all of my readers who use facebook nervous. The jig is up! I'm a facebook friend deleter! You could be next!

I think I'd like to put that on a t-shirt:
But that is neither here nor there (not right now, anyway...). The point is, this article gave me an idea. What if me and ten of my facebook friends conspired together to get ourselves some free Whoppers? We could all delete each other, collect our coupons, and then re-add each other! No harm, no foul, right? Plus, we'd all get some highly amusing news stories on our feeds: "Alyssa sacrificed Mary Shurtz." How great of a story would that be?!

There is a catch, though: I don't like Whoppers. Actually, I've never had one. But they look gross. Now, if Burger King was offering a coupon for a free Hershey's Sundae Pie or a chicken tenders kid's meal (don't judge me!) I'd be all over that. But I do hope I've inspired some of you and ten of your friends to satisfy your desire to beat the system and get a free burger to boot.


Cassie said...

I actually really like Whoppers. They are the superior fast food burger. Well, they are if you get them with cheese. Otherwise, meh.

Great shirt idea. But I think "Alyssa sacrificed Mary Shurtz" would be even better! :)

Laura said...

I don't know what happened to your Tom Hanks post...but I LOVED it. Bring it back!!!

jenalih said...

LOLOL...I just might have to try some deleting!

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