Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We in the Young home are not good planners.

We have several projects going on right now, none of which are finished.

1. Painted ceilings.  The original owners of our home opted for two-tone paint, so the ceilings are the same color as the walls.  But not any more! (At least for downstairs.)  Now they are white.  If you've been to our house before and you come back and don't notice anything different, it's because ceilings are supposed to be white.  It should just look how it's supposed to look.

And it does!  Except for the spots that need to be touched up.  Lewis and his dad did a phenomenal job, but there are a few places that need another coat now that it's not dark outside, as it was when they finished.

2. Living room and desk reorganization.  I'm proud to say that this one is actually kind of almost done.  We moved our desk to the opposite side of the room and used the couch to sort of split the room into different areas.  Instead of one big sloppy space, we now have the desk/office space, a reading area, and a living/meeting room.  All three areas could do with new chairs (arms chairs for the living and reading places, and a desk chair for the office), but other than that and the mess Jack follows me around making as I organize, it has actually come together quite nicely.

3. Moving Jack/getting the new baby's nursery put together.  This project is started in the sense that we have a plan for it/know it needs to happen very, very soon.  We'd like to move Jack with plenty of time before the baby comes so there is less of a potential for bitterness.  But this girl's coming in 27 days or sooner and he's still in the same spot.  So pretty much it's not started at all.

Other projects we need to start (and finish!):

- Replace the faucet on our kitchen sink.  It's terrible.

- Get new cookware.  A food blogger should probably have decent pots and pans.

- Kitchen storage/organization.  Again, food blogger.  Oi vey.

- Utility room organization.

And these are just the projects that we need to do.  We have an entire list of projects we'd like to do.
Wisdom: Do projects one at a time, start to finish.  Don't procrastinate until you're having a baby in less than a month.  In other words, be smart.  And sane.  And not like us.


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Unknown said...

two things I know about projects:

1. they always hang around waiting to be finished--they never seem to go away
2. No matter how many projects you complete,there is always another to be done

You're making progress! that's what counts!

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