Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Can't Take Him Anywhere

We in the Young home are in the midst of an intensely busy week.  Well, Lewis is, anyway.  My busy part is over, save for the fact that I have to attempt to keep house and wrangle the toddler without him.  The housekeeping thing isn't going great, but at least Jack is alive.

Of course I can't really take much credit for his well-being either, considering it seems I've done my very best to prevent it.

For those of you who are not well-versed in Mormon-dom, we have a thing called "primary," which is where all the kids under 12 go during church on Sundays.  I am a part of the primary presidency in our congregation.  Last night we held a training session for all of our teachers to make sure they knew all the rules and regulations for primary, as well as how to, you know, teach (good news: they do).

Since Lewis had parent-teacher conferences last night, Jack had to come with me.  The training included an appreciation dinner: soups, each of which Jack turned his nose up at, and desserts, each of which contained dairy or peanuts, which he's allergic to.  Jack naturally decided to scoff at all of the measly snacks I brought for him and instead subsisted on the gummy candies we had placed on the tables and which he at one point spewed all over the floor, just for fun, and a pack of Smarties I dug out of the diaper bag.

Jack was fine playing on his own until I started eating my food.  Naturally.  So I put him up on the chair next to me, which he promptly fell off of.  The combination of the impact and his subsequent screams caused him to choke on the Smartie(s) he had in his mouth, a problem which was solved by a little bit of vomit.  Thankfully, I was holding him over a drain when this occurred.

Back in the room where the dinner was going on, Jack decided that he wanted to be right back on the chair he had just fallen from.  He sometimes doesn't make much sense.  Eventually he went off to play with some other kids.  I kept an eye on him due to the food situation, but as far as I could tell everything  he couldn't have was out of his reach.  I got comfortable.  Too comfortable.

While I was in the middle of my training presentation, the daughter of another presidency member tapped my shoulder to show me how silly Jack looked.  With chocolate smeared all over his hands and face.  MILK chocolate.

In my achy and large 7.5 months pregnant state, I'm not one for moving swiftly.  But when I saw my chocolate-coated toddler, I swept him up in my arms and ran for the bathroom just about as fast as it is possible to move.  Usain Bolt fast.

As far as we have been able to tell, Jack's milk allergy causes nothing more than hives from direct contact.  But he's only ever had teeny amounts of milk on his skin before.  There was a lot of this chocolate, and it was everywhere.  Plus he started rubbing his eyes, probably because they were itchy, which only made the problem worse.  I had no idea what so much milk would do to his system.

The answer is still just hives.  Thankfully.  With a combination of soap, water, paper towels, and baby wipes once we made it back from the bathroom, Jack was fine.  Itchy, red, and bumpy, but fine.  And even that faded pretty quickly.

This is why we're homebodies.

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