Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things are Happening

With everything that has happened in the past few weeks, I've made the executive decision to write this post purely as an update on our life.  Basically I'm going to gloat, so you should just go ahead and go deal with it.

Let's start with Jack.  He's adorable.  This much is obvious.  But did you know that he's also a little smartie?  We've been working on helping him develop language - he doesn't say much.  He will repeat some initial consonants of words when you ask him to, but not much more than that.  What he does do really well, though, is sign language.  Many of the signs he knows don't necessarily fall under the "official" American Sign Language umbrella, mostly because his mother doesn't know them, so I just make signs up.  But he can pick them up fast.  If you teach him a sign for your name, he will learn it and know it forever.  Lewis' brother taught him a sign for his name ("Dallas": a chest thump) and for his fiancĂ©e's ("Adrienne": place your hand on your cheek in the shape of an ASL "A"), and Jack does those signs enthusiastically whenever asked.  He communicates quite effectively using JSL (Jack Sign Language).

Then there's Lewis kicking behinds and taking names in graduate school and as a teacher.  In my head he is the favorite of all his professors (if this is not true, nobody tell me).

As for me, I actually have some significant updates in my life for the first time since, well, Jack was born.  I recently got several new tutoring students (my workload quadrupled, but I love it), and I'm creeping ever closer to my due date.  But the most exciting thing (sorry baby girl - you'll be most exciting in five more weeks) is the opportunity I was given to be a food blogger for a local cooking store.  I will be posting different recipes and talking about the tips and tricks I use to help me put food on the table every day for my family.  I will also be showing some of the products the store sells.  The job combines two of my favorite things - cooking and writing.  Pretty much it's going to be amazing.

Life looks like it will be pretty busy as we balance Lewis' job, grad school, my students, my blog(s - this one included), having a new baby, and well, Jack and all the greatness that he has.  But the future looks promising and I am excited!

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