Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delicious Non-Food

Jack ate some sponge the other day.  He was quite proud.  He's been trying to eat it for months.

Allow me to explain:

We put a ribbon over the latch on his door so that it is quiet when it opens and shuts.  This ribbon gets in the way from the door latching, so ever since Jack figured out how doors work, he's been able to open this one, no problem.  Due to this, I no longer leave him in his room while I go to take care of messy diapers, since he just follows me anyway.

Whenever he is in the bathroom, if he's not trying to dip his fingers in the toilet bowl, Jack is trying to climb into the bathtub.  (Why it never before occurred to me to just put him in the tub while I handle his diaper, I'll never know.)  On this day, he was successful.  At climbing into the bathtub, not the toilet thing.

Well, almost successful.  Instead of climbing gracefully into the tub, he kind of just flopped, head first, inside.  I managed to catch him by the ankle, just before he cracked his head on the bottom.  In the process, I dropped his diaper.  It landed in the toilet, and while I understand that that was the best possible place for it to land, it was still disgusting.  Now, instead of gentle shaking his poo into the water, no mess, I had to remove the diaper from the bowl where it was happily soaking up as much murky toilet water as it could.

I think I cried a little.

Jack was more than content to play around in the dry tub (at this point any worries about him turning on the water and soaking himself did not matter), so I left him at it while I assessed the situation.

I'll spare you the details of what I did.  Just know that it was gross and I really feel for people who used cloth diapers before the world figured out how to make them so their clean up is sanitary.

Meanwhile, Jack got his hands on the sponge we use for scrubbing his head.  I looked over in time to see the sponge in three pieces - one in each hand and the third in his mouth.  Just as I reached him, he swallowed and gave me a glowing smile.  This was clearly his proudest accomplishment to date.

Maybe he would eat his vegetables more often if I mixed in bits of sponge.

Jack, after a snack of actual food.

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