Monday, July 9, 2012

Chex for Dinner

Yesterday Jack sat on my lap and cuddled with me for a solid three minutes.  Possibly four.

I was shocked.  The only time he ever snuggles with me is when he's sick.

The best three minutes of my life.

And then it hit me.  He was probably sick.

Several hours later he woke up with a fever of 103.

So we gave him some Advil and ran a lukewarm bath for him to cool down.  He was not at all interested in going back to sleep in his bed, so I let him curl up under my armpit in our bed.  Jack lay there moaning for about fifteen minutes until the Advil kicked in.  Then it was time to play.

Jack sat up, gave me a toothy grin and a slobbery kiss.  Then he noticed Lewis, snoring gently next to us.  Not wanting him to miss out on the fun, Jack started patting his leg and yelling.  This was about the time I decided he was ready to go back to his own bed.

The rest of the night was miserable; Jack got up so frequently I lost count.  But we survived and he seemed lots better in the morning.  Still feverish, mighty clingy, and awfully whiny, but better.

I fed him a light breakfast.  He hadn't shown any signs of being nauseous, but I just had this feeling.  That he would vomit at some inopportune time, like when I was in the shower and he was supposed to be napping, or something.

Which is exactly what he did.

A few weeks ago Jack started chewing on his crib, so we bought these super handy gummy crib rail things so he wouldn't ingest any more crib stain.  The guy at Babies R Us insisted that the adhesive was so strong that no baby could possibly pull it up.  Lies!  Jack pulled it up almost immediately.  I'm in the process of making fabric covers, but since I haven't actually started that yet, they are not done.  In the meantime Lewis secured the gummy pads with zip ties.  Jack has managed to pull the gummies up around the zipties, but not enough to take them off completely.

Just enough to make a large enough hole to throw up in to.

The fabric crib rail making process will now be expedited.  Adhesive and puke do not go well together.

The rest of the day was bodily-fluid free (with the exception of drool, but, well, you know), and thanks to Pedialyte Jack stayed far away from dehydration.  He was acting relatively normal too, except for a serious lack of appetite for everything but Chex cereal.  But it's not all bad: I dipped them in sweet potato puree, so there was still some nutritional value to it.

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