Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dirty Feet, Leaky Swim Diapers, and the Best Best Western in these United States

A few days ago Jack and I returned from the annual Hirschi Family Reunion.  This year the affair was held at Pinetop Girls Camp near Idaho City, Idaho.

Some highlights:

* Upon our arrival it was determined that there was no suitable place to put "No-Sleep" Jack to bed.  My awesome mom took us to a Best Western in nearby Boise.

* Boise's Best Western is actually pretty nice!  The shower was my favorite part (if was actually tall enough for a normal-sized human being, plus the pressure was perfect), closely followed by the muffins in their breakfast.

* Jack is very protective of me.  My uncle Mark started smacking me with a paper plate (it is unclear who started the fight) and Jack started yelling at him from across the room.

* You should not procrastinate changing a baby out of a swim diaper.  Even if it is clean when you exit the pool.  Also, you should recheck them for cleanliness before you take them off.  There is nothing worse than soggy poop from a soggy diaper.

* Pinetop Girls Camp has a lovely lodge.  But they should maybe invest in a quality vacuum.  Five minutes of crawling around on the carpet left him with streaks of visible grime on the tops of his shoes, socks (he took his shoes off), and knees.

* Jack is an incredibly pleasant baby.  When he's well-rested.  Which he was not for the duration of this trip.  Sorry, guys.

Jack with Andrew while I was off taking pictures.

* The Hirschi Olympics are amazing.  You should check them out.

* People in Boise are really polite.  I've never had so many doors held open for me, friendly elevator conversations, or smiles in passing.

* "Taco Bell Express" is a misnomer.

* You know those cups with the cool lid that you can put snacks in for babies to take out one at a time?  They suck.  There are puffs all over my car.

* CDs created in 2005 to commemorate your freshman year of college make for fabulous road-trippin' music.  The conglomeration of Britney Spears, Eminem, and Dashboard with the occasional Dixie Chick thrown in for good measure made the trip fly by.  Especially since I still knew all the lyrics, even after seven years.

A very special shout out to the Boise Hirschis who planned the event - especially Jennifer.  It was a ton of fun and errybody should be jealous of my kick-bum family and our grade A reunions.

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jenalih said...

(it is unclear who started the fight)...LOLOLOL, uh huh, sure...LOLOL!

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